November 7, 2015

On-Site Programs: Edity’s Hands-On Help Refining Your Copy

While all of our on-site programs are tailored directly to your business’ needs, below are just a few of the modules we’ve prepared for clients in the past:

Email Etiquette: Avoid Misunderstanding While Combining Friendly and Professional

Creativity: How to Find It and Where to Look When It Goes Missing

Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics: Not Just for Elementary School

Concision: When Less Is More Because More Is Just Too Much

Design: Because Looking Good Is Half the Battle

Style Guides: How Standard Protocol Can Unify Your Message

The Devil’s in the Details: Finding Specificity Without Overwhelming Your Reader

A Word on Tone: How What Can’t Be Heard in Writing Can Be Your Worst Enemy

As a Partnership Client, we’re dedicated to making ourselves irrelevant—nothing makes us happier than helping you enough that you no longer need our services.