Atmosphere Press

Edity also provides a full-service suite of publication products, helping you bring your literary vision into the real world. Whether you’ve written a novel, a collection of short stories, a book of poetry, or a scientific manifesto, Edity’s top-shelf Atmosphere Press imprint takes enormous pride in ensuring your book is exceptional, and will take the pressure—and the stigma of self-publishing—off[…]


Although we love helping people with their smaller editing projects, there is no one more important to Edity than our partnership clients. Through partnership, we work hands on to refine long term projects, and aid businesses and individuals not just once, but as an ongoing teammate to make sure you’re getting the most out of your[…]

hiring editors and salespeople to help others get perfect copy

Now Hiring

Edity is always looking for ways to build its team.  Here is what we seek: Impeccable editors.  We repeat: impeccable.  If you know the ins and outs of flawless grammar and mechanics, feel free to shoot us a line.  We tend to hire on a contract basis at first, with the possibility for greater employment[…]